The Gym rules

The Gym rules

The gym’s rules of operation are intended to provide for a safe environment and a pleasant experience for the user’s workout routine.

  1. The gym is intended for use by men and women over 15 years of age.
  2. Those gym users with a key card must always swipe the card at the appropriate access point irrespective of whether the main entrance is open or not. The card access point can be found on the wall next to the front door or inside at the customer service point
  3. For reasons of safety and security a CCTV recording system is in operation at the gym. Further information  on this is available from the customer service centre if needed.
  4. Korso Gym Oy or its associates do not take responsibility for lost or stolen property. The lockers provided in the changing rooms should be locked using the customer’s own lock.
  5. Smoking inside the gym (including vaping, using snuff, and use of other tobacco products), the use of performance enhancing drugs and intoxicating substances is forbidden. Any user of the gym who is intoxicated may be removed from the premises.
  6. Outdoor shoes are to be left at the appointed area or are to be removed at the reception area and carried to the changing rooms. Indoor footwear only is to be used for moving around inside the gym.
  7. Caution should be used by the customer when making use of the gym facilities. The customer is responsible for any injury caused to him/herself or to any third party.
  8. For the sake of good order and safety we request everyone to respect general rules of behaviour and cleanliness and tidiness. 
  9. Broken equipment should be immediately reported to a member of staff. In case there is no member of staff available a notice should be placed on the equipment to say clearly “Out of Order”
  10. If the front door is locked the customer must have their own key card to gain entry which should be swiped on arrival. No unauthorised persons are to be admitted.
  11. Every gym user has the right to exercise undisturbed.
  12. Customers taking part in a group exercise class should register for the class by swiping their key card or by another method of registration before the start of the class.
  13. The gym closes at exactly 24:00 hrs (if not otherwise advised). The last person must vacate the building before this time. Anyone who causes the activation of the automatic alarm system after this time will be responsible for the all of the ensuing costs.