Key card agreement conditions

Key card agreement conditions

First issue 18.8.2007. Updated 1.1.2017

The following conditions form part of the key card agreement between Korso Gym Oy and the customer.

  1. The key card is for individual use and is not transferable.
  2. Should the card become lost it must be reported immediately to Korso Gym Oy. The customer is responsible for any unauthorised use of the lost card until it has been registered as lost and confirmation has been issued by the customer service.
  3. In a case of sickness longer than 7 days the Gym will refund any unused prepaid services or gym time only if the customer can provide a doctor’s certificate. A refund will be given for the equivalent amount of services at the end of the period of the certificated sickness.
  4.  In case of misuse of the card, Korso Gym has the right to terminate the agreement and the customer’s rights are immediately void. In this case any unused service will not be refunded.
  5. The customer should be aware that Korso Gym Oy complies with the True Principles of Sport in their fitness centre. When using the fitness centre services the customer shall be deemed to accept these principles. Further information is available from the staff and  the following link http://dopinglinkki.fi/puhtaan-liikunnan-puolesta/puhtaan-liikunnan-puolesta-kuntokeskukset)
  6. Caution should be used by the customer when making use of the gym facilities. The customer is responsible for any injury caused to him/herself or to any third party.
  7. The customer will be informed of any changes to these conditions. The changes will come into effect 3 months after the initial notification of change. Should the customer not accept the changes or amendments to the conditions of the agreement the agreement will be considered as cancelled in one months’ time from when the customer notifies us. In this case the customer is not entitled to a refund of any unused services. However the right to access the services under the original conditions of the agreement continues until the expiry of the agreement. During this time it is only possible to acquire new services by agreeing to the current conditions of agreement.