Anti-doping principles

Anti-doping principles

Korso Gym Oy complies with the principles of clean Sport in their fitness center.

The Fitness centre’s staff comply with all parts of the A Clinic Foundation (previously a program managed by the Sport for all Association and the Finnish Anti-doping Agency ADT) anti-doping commitment and other authorities or Korso Gym Oy’s own instructions and regulations. In practice this means that any form of the use of doping substances, communication, promotion to sell, or possession on the premises of Korso Gym Oy is not allowed.

When using the fitness centre services it is incumbent on the user to accept both the principles of clean sport and Korso Gym Oy’s own anti-doping principles.

For more information contact a member of staff or use the following Internet link http://dopinglinkki.fi/puhtaan-liikunnan-puolesta/puhtaan-liikunnan-puolesta-kuntokeskukset.